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Why invest in Chivado

Huge Market

Chivado access a massive market: food delivery only is worth £150Bn worldwide, the restaurant industry is valuated in TRILLIONS, and we calculate our target market to be £10Bn just in Europe, with over 400M users and 1M restaurants within target

Low user acquisition costs

Restaurants themselves promote Chivado among their customers, because for them it is more convenient to use! They encourage their customers to download our app and order from there, because this way they can avoid paying commissions on their orders.

Efficient service model

Chivado is a software, 100% digital, highly scalable everywhere, anytime. Many restaurants use Chivado as their own personal app to engage with their existing customers. This means that we can expand our presence also outside structured local clusters, and we don’t have high operations costs to provide our service.

Showing traction

In just few months, with little to no marketing costs, we acquired 250 restaurants across 2 markets, gained 12K users and got the attention of national prestigious newspapers.

Ethical Business Model

We support local businesses and make local communities richer and more engaging! In fact, we choose a business model that allows restaurants to get back ownership of their businesses and customers, without giving up their data, their relationships, and their revenue in favour of 3rd parties. This means more money can be kept within local communities.

Chivado is borderless

Chivado’s platform proved flexible and vastly scalable; our business model is easy to replicate in other countries and, as we don’t rely on costly local operations, we can acquire restaurants anywhere at no extra development costs.

Our journey so far

May ‘20

Chivado’s birth

Patrizia and Federico founded Chivado, together with Farshid, Sofia, Emiliano and Laura: the very first team to make the hospitality world better!

August ‘20

First restaurant signed

We launched a soft alpha test with our very first partner and the first 50 users to test all features!

October ‘20

Public launch in Italy

Chivado went live to the public after an intense 1-month beta pilot. At that point the platform hosted 10 restaurants and 300 users.

June ‘21

200 restaurants

In just 8 months, 200+ restaurant owners agreed to join Chivado, proving the strength of our offering

July ‘21

10k Users

In less than 10 months and without marketing costs, 10K people registered in our platform, proving the efficiency of our low cost B2B2C acquisition model

August ‘21

Entering the UK

We finally expanded in the UK, launching a beta pilot with our first chain partner The Pizza Room, with its several restaurant brands across London, Birmingham, and Manchester

Invest for good

The restaurant industry faces a challenge like no other: restaurants rely on online platforms for discoverability, customer intelligence and revenues. But these 3rd parties take ownership of restaurants' customers, charge fees up to 40% and their algorithms decide whether restaurants even get seen! With the pandemic worsening the situation, many restaurants face permanent closure, which is a terrible loss for our communities.

Restaurants foster regional job growth, support local agriculture, and keep your hard- earned money in your community. That’s why we created the first social food marketplace that sides with restaurant owners and their customers to lead the restaurant revolution and protect our high streets and our towns.

A message from our investor leads

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Meet the team

Chivado was lucky enough to grow from the very beginning with daring, passionate and tirelessly purposeful people with prestigious backgrounds.

Our dedicated team is located all around the world, with equal ambitions and complementary experiences and qualifications. We promote the urgency of an ethical and sustainable business model for our digital food services. Together, we can work towards a wealthier local community.

Our leadership team


Federico Bernardi

Director & CEO

20-year career in software architecture, cloud infrastructure and everything mobile; he comes from a family operating in the hospitality industry and makes the best amateur spritz ever!


Patrizia Guarino

Director & COO

Solid background in Sales & Marketing , she held leadership roles in mobile marketplaces like Shpock and global firms such as Havas & Omnicom. She loves to discover hidden traditional family restaurants that no one knows about.


Cinzia Guarino


Ex KPMG and General Electrics senior leader, with substantial experience in Financial Planning, Reporting, Budgeting and Controlling. She is a stubborn CocaCola drinker.

*Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.